Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Ever Enough?

After trying to knit, rip, re-knit, rip, re-knit, rip (I think you get the idea)...can I ever just be satisfied with something and finish it? Well, this pile is what's left of a couple of scarves, the blue one is fingering weight bamboo/merino/nylon blend from Pagewood Farms, so soft, maybe those would be better as fingerless mittens? The purple is some lovely angora/merino which will become something fuzzy and warm. In the meantime, between tearing apart the painstaking work of many days, I found a new LYS near my house. This is no trivial matter, it's something I've been hoping for all year. I have my favorites, which are at least 30 minutes away, not that I mind driving over 25 minutes to an LYS where I can find my favorite Malabrigo yarn or where I can talk to someone who is excited about knitting like me, but it is sooo much better when local!!

My husband is always asking me when the yarn I buy is ever enough, I guess the answer is, "NEVER!!!" What is it about the sight of colorful varieties of yarn in merino, silk, bamboo, even...dare I say...nylon (for the sensitive-skin-type) that sparks every knitter's heart a-fluttering and their mind going into 500 project directions at once? (Maybe it has something to do with the icy, grey New England weather we've been having?!)

So many projects in the works, and yet I buy more yarn...why is that? Why must we knitters always buy more yarn and add to an already growing stash? With so many other projects I shouldn't move onto anything new, but I just couldn't help myself. Maybe I'll finish something one of these days (novel idea)!

Looking to start a 'Newsies' cap, you know the old style paper-boy cap, a classic look. I found some Sirdar Eco-wool dk that knits up pretty softly, yet will hold the shape of the cap nicely.
I also found some absolutely decadent Baby Alpaca Lace from Plymouth Yarn, that will probably become a lace hat for myself.

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