Sunday, February 22, 2009

Entrelac & a Hannah Fettig Knit

Entrelac is one of my latest endeavors and, so far, the most interesting type of knitting I've done yet. It doesn't hurt my brain like some lace knitting does, and once you have the general concept of the pattern down you're golden. It's a pretty straight forward way to make something really beautiful and multidimensional without much complexity. I LOVE IT!!!!

I used a free Entrelac Scarf pattern online and just started knitting. I decided to do something a little smaller to start, and since my friend's baby boy has been, let's say, rejecting some of his formula recently, I thought this would be a pretty and functional way to get started with Entrelac. Using some washable and relatively cheap (b/c of baby puke and all) worsted weight cotton yarn, it took very little time, although that's not saying much since the piece is no more than a 4x6" rectangle. Regardless it was a great intro to this great way of knitting and fun too!! I thought it would be really lumpy, you'll know what I mean if you try it, but it blocked surprisingly easily and very flat!! Here it is ...

I have also started and finished (another quick one!) one of the patterns in Hannah Fettig's book Closely Knit, the Bird's Nest Pin Cushion. The nest itself was a little challenging for me, but I realized it was because my dpn's were too small (I found this out because my nest only fit four eggs ... it should have fit at least five ... ooops!!). The yarn I used was Sirdar Eco Wool and the eggs were some left-over periwinkle 'Cloud 9' from Cascade. My mom loves it and I hope she will be able to use it soon!!

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