Friday, April 3, 2009

Knitting v. Workout

Time has really been flying by, I can't believe my last post was March 13th!!! We've been busy with life in general, all good things, but busy none-the-less. I have been pushing through the newsboy hat for weeks now, it was like torture when I tried to knit according to the modifications for a man's head and after trying it on my husband it looked like a floppy sweater with a brim on his head. So I had to re-evaluate the sizing and rip out most of the hat and eliminate most of the increases. Then had to undo the ribbing cast-off which was way too tight and use a much larger needle to cast-off. This has really been a learning process and I will be happy when the gift is finished and delivered to my friend ... Just in time for spring!!!

In the meantime ... after sitting at home knitting every single night for hours this entire winter, I realized that I can't fit into the majority of my clothing and none of my spring/summer clothes ... OUCH!!!! Time to hit the gym BIG TIME!!!! With a 1 hour+ playlist on my mP3 player for high energy workouts I should be ship-shape in time for Cape Cod in July!!! (That is if I ever get to it!)

The irony is (pretty amusing) that I've become much larger due to one of my favorite daily activities, Knitting ... much better than gaining weight while unhappy, right!?!?!

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